300 Cannot connect to smb server ps2

300 Cannot connect to smb server ps2

Various OPL 0.9.3 versions without GSM -OPL Development Team (c. Ifcaro & jimmikaelkael)

-OPL Development Team (c. Ifcaro & jimmikaelkael)

    li" >

  • About
  • Changelog
  • Notes
  • Random Screenshots
  • Credits
  • OpenPS2Loader is a front-end PS2-game-ISO launcher, and Elf/App launcher, a Virtual Memory Card (VMC) creator/manager, with CoverArt/Background display ability, and sooo much more.

This version does not include GSM.

Works with HDD, USB, ETH (SMB), and MC.

Generally, once set up correctly you wont need anything else to play any game or emulator in your collection. as well as launch most apps from the very handy APPS page.

For compatibility with older homebrew which doesnt work on current OPL versions, simply add OPL 0.8 to your APPS menu, and then launch that first before choosing your homebrew, to bypass this limitation.

Open PS2 Loader (OPL) is a 100% Open source game and application loader for the PS2 and PS3 units.
It now supports *.ISO images on HDD, Ethernet SMB shares, and USB while also maintaining compatibility with USB Advance/Extreme format.
It’s now the most compatible homebrew loader and it should work without ps2load or change DNASXXX.IMG tricks.

* New RDB-based DECI2 Debugging System.
* Refactored and optimized core modules.
* New CDVDMAN streaming mechanism for better performance.
* Kinder, gentler, and hopefully better IGR mechanism
* Added support for the DTL-T10000, for debugging.
* Updated USB drivers — support drives greater than 1TB but less than 2TB in capacity, plus better reliability.
* Eliminated the need for user-configurable delays in USB support.
* Improved performance and stability of SMB support.
* VMC Fix — Slot2 should no longer clone Slot1 and vice versa
* Removed obsolete Compatibility Modes and needless GSM video modes.
* New PS2RD Cheat Engine port by Doctorxyz.
* Per-Game GSM Support.
* New super-slim EE core, making mode 1 (Alt EE core) obsolete.
* Added Accurate Reads mode, for emulating the reading speed and behaviour of the CD/DVD drive.
* The CallBack Timer (CBT) setting now uses a standardized value and was merged into Accurate Reads mode.
* Added a workaround for some clone network adaptors.
* Mode 7 "IOP threading hack" removed, as the new streaming mechanism has taken care of all related issues.
* New compatibility mode: "high module storage". For games that need OPL to store its modules elsewhere, to avoid a memory conflict.
* Improved reading performance of the cdrom device.
* Improved reliability of some CDVDMAN functions, for more consistent behaviour.
* Improved DVD-DL support.
* Changed "Disable DVD-DL" to "Emulate DVD-DL" to better explain what it does. It’s to emulate DVD-DL support, for DVD9 rips (games with their 2 layers compacted into 1).
* Fixed support for SMB usernames and passwords that are longer than 16 characters (limit extended to 31).
* Fixed renaming functionality for USBExtreme games.
* Various fixes for games.

* Improved the behaviour of the auto-refresh option.
* GSM moved to Game Options menu since its a Per-Game option now.
* Infamous "Blockhead Grande" theme bug SQUARSHED! (Themes should now get loaded correctly, regardless of display settings).
* New logo design by Berion, new changed icons by El_Patas.
* Better error reporting and help messages in general.
* Network settings are now saved in opl_network.cfg.
* Improved stability, design and UI responsiveness.
* Added missing icon hints.
* Fixed the problem with the HDLDump server being difficult to shut down properly.
* Fixed HDD corruption caused by deleting a game from the HDD unit.
* Added a new network update mechanism, which allows game compatibility records to be automatically downloaded from the OPL-CL service.
* SMB server can now be specified by its NetBIOS name.
* IP address configuration can be set automatically with DHCP, although it is still recommended to reserve an IP address for the PS2 in the network because the DHCP reservation will not be ever renewed while in-game.
* Renamed "Enable Delete and Rename" to "Enable Write Operations".
* Changed the delete and modify VMC controls to be disabled instead of hidden, when writes are disabled.
* ISO disc images no longer strictly need to be named in a special format. Simply put your ISO files in your CD and DVD folders and OPL will find them.
* Renamed compatibility modes to have actual names.
* Game history will now be updated; the "towers" behind the "SONY Computer Entertainment" boot screen should continue to grow.
* Added support for OTF fonts.
* Added support for fonts stored on the HDD unit (root of +OPL partition; hdd0:+OPL/) and USB device (root of device; mass0:/).

* New patch: Choujikuu Yousai Macross
* New patch: Super Robot Wars IMPACT
* Drive state of sceCdStandby has been changed to PAUSE: Check iTV
* New patch: Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
* New patch: The Oneechanbara
* New patch: The Oneechanpuruu
* New streaming mechanism for better playability: Various BEMANI games
* Initialization is performed for search functions: Lifeline

==== Version 0.9.2 ====

* Merged OPL/OPLGSM codebase
* GSM Core 0.36.R — don’t worry; 0.38 will be coming back better than ever!
* GSM Core no longer supports 576p, 1080p, Skip FMVs — this is temporary.
* GSM Core is now IGR and CodeBreaker/PS2rd compatible!
* GSM no longer included in Childproof builds.
* Unified Makefile builds from single source tree via "GSM=0/1" argument (ala VMC/No VMC)
* The integrated LibFreeType was removed, upgraded, and moved into the PS2SDK
* Upgraded LIBPNG, ATAD, HDPro, and DEV9 Module Code
* Added code for the power-off RPC, for older games. They should be compatible now.
* Added power-off processing code. Games should be able to power-off the console now.
* Optimzed CDVDMAN and CDVDFSV
* Support for PSX (DVR) units
* Built-in TLB reinitialization mechanism — no more EECORE hooking and patching.
* Added compatibility mode 7 — "IOP Threading Hack".
* Replaced SMAP driver.
* Modified SMSTCPIP.
* Ported a version of ETH Mode types from doctorxyz’s OPLGSM.
* Retired the built-in kernel update for Protokernel consoles (SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000).

* New "Show GSM on Main Menu" toggle in "Settings" (GSM Builds Only)
* New "GSM Settings" on Main Menu — easier navigation! (GSM Builds Only)
* Fixed issue with HDLSERV and GSM Settings not showing up immediately.
* Full Ethernet controls — can disable Auto-Negotiation and force a mode.
* Some things were are worded differently as less words carry more freight.
* Removed redundant UDMA modes — PS2 will never handle UDMA 5 and UDMA 6.
* Updated SMB support to give better error messages.
* Network error codes changed slightly — 300 for connection errors, 301 for logon errors, 302 for ECHO isalive
test failing, and 303 for share opening errors.

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* Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Gummi Fix)
* Baldur’s Gate Series (HDD)
* Champions of Norrath (HDD)
* New Mode 7 fixes stuttering with games such as DDR and Pop’N Music (HDD ONLY!)

* various fixes
* added configurable USB delay (increase this value to avoid stucking on yellow or orange screen when using USB mode)
* added delay to CDVDMAN functions (initially for Shadow Heart 2)
* compatibility mode 7 which is unused now (remove useless code)
* update to comply with the latest PS2SDK
* added better cd tray emulation (fixes A2M games)
* fix for DVD9 games
* added HD Pro support

* various fixes
* Disabled auto-refresh of game list by default
* layout adjustment
* added hidden options to be able to define your own device delay before loading ART/config files
* added skinnable start, select and action buttons
* language files update
* added "list share" feature: select one share from the list and connect it to display the games
* added ETH Prefix
* Support for Right-to-Left scripting (Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Tifinar, . languages)
* automatically create the CFG folder
* Configuration related to DNAS/VMC/DMA/COMPAT are now saved in single per game files on each media
* added a delay before loading per-game config file (same as Art, to not spam when navigating very fast)
* hints now display either "Info" or "Run"
* added loading attributes from a per-game file
* added information page
* Mode setting (PAL/NTSC/Auto)
* Longer first-press delay for pads — more comfy controls on max repeat speed
* short ELF name in App list (looks better for most themes)
* Added option to specify the HDD spin down time out
* Added theme support for multiple fonts
* configurable IGR path (limited to 32 characters)
* switch default background mode to "Art"

==== Version 0.8 ====
* secure authentication for the SMB module (to enable security and write access)
* various SMB tweaks (NBSS keep-alive, small ingame speed-up)
* improved NAS support for more devices (WD MyBook, Digitus NAS, . )
* added an embedded HDLServer into OPL to install HDD games
* various debugging output option (to help debug failing games)
* add compatibility for new external USB HDD with 1k/2k/4k cluster file
* add full compatibility for old PS2 consoles (10k JAP)
* ISO format added for USB too (still there is the 4Gb file limit, which is not present on SMB)
* new compatibility modes
* childproof mode (settings are locked)
* alternate startup mode, for loading/saving configuration files from USB and HDD (no need for MC in this case)
* added new menu to launch external ELF applications
* added VMC (Virtual Memory Card) support
* improved general compatibility (many specific games now working for the first time)

* new multi-threaded and redesigned GUI
* support for Cover, Icon and Background Art
* skinnable interface using theme
* added "rename" and "delete" functionalities for games lists

==== Version 0.7 ====
* Improved network startups and various fixes
* Added internal HDD support (HDL format)
* Added the ability to choose the default menu (USB, NET, HDD games)
* Added the ability to use a valid disc ID for online games
* Added a fix for modchip freezing (maybe not all modchips)
* Many new game compatibility fixes
* Added IGR (In Game Reset) with a disable per game option
* Added Alphabetical Sorting
* Changed Settings categories
* Added page scrolling (R1/L1)
* Added support for user language files
* Network support added for PS3
* Zipped Theme support
* Added PCMCIA support for the 18K

==== Version 0.6 ====
* Switched to whole new IOP core
* Changed some compatibility modes effect
* Added compatibility for DVD9 layer1
* Improved overall speed for both SMB/USB
* Support for more embedded NAS devices
* Support for multiple partitions

==== Version 0.5 ====
* Added compatibility modes
* isofs/cdvdman now use disc type
* cdvdman now has streams
* Added network support
* Static interface available
* Added language support
* It works in PS3 with PS2 emulation by software

==== Version 0.41 ====
* Added theme support
* Now uses latest usb driver from svn

==== Version 0.4 ====
* New interface
* Core and drivers 100% open source

==== Version 0.3 ====
* Discontinued (open usb loader starts)

==== Version 0.2b ====
* It uses a embedded free USBD module.
* Select video mode

==== Version 0.2 ====
* Replace USB Advance’s reset function for a reset using "rom0:UDNL rom0:EELOADCNF" as argument.
* It works in PS3 with PS2 emulation by software

==== Version 0.1 ====
* Replaces ExtraeModulo() function instead of run after that.

==== Version 0.0 ====
* Initial version

OPL uses the same directory tree structure across HDD, SMB, and USB modes .

— "CD" (for games on CD media — i.e. blue-bottom discs)
— "DVD (for DVD5 images; DVD9 images on USB must be split)
— "VMC" (for 8MB Virtual Memory Card images)
— "CFG" (for saving per-game configuation files)
— "ART" (for box and disc art images)
— "THM" (for themes support)


Game files on USB must be perfectly defragmented either file by file or by whole drive, and Dual Layer DVD9 images must be split to avoid the 4GB limitations of the FAT32 file system. We recommend Power Defragmenter for best defragging results, and our own comman line tool iso2usbld to convert or split games into USB Advance/Extreme format .

Other utilities are: USBUtil 2.0, USB Extreme installer or USB Insane.


For loading games by SMB protocol you need to share a folder (ex: PS2SMB)
on the host machine or NAS device and make sure that it has full read and write permissions. USB Advance/Extreme format is optional — *.ISO images are supported using the folder structure above with the added bonus that DVD9 images don’t have to be split if your SMB device uses the NTFS or EXT3/4 file system.

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For PS2, 48-bit LBA internal HDDs up to 2TB are supported. They have to be formatted with either WINHIIP or uLaunch. From there, use uLaunch to make a partition (rec. minumum of 2GB) named "OPL". If OPL detects this partition at start up, it’ll automatically create the above directory structure. Use it to migrate ART, THEMES, CFGs, VMCs, etc. off your MC or USB stick to the internal HDD and free up space on those devices.

To launch OPL, you can use any of the existing methods for loading an executable elf.

On PS3, you need an original SwapMagic 3.6+ or 3.8 disc (at the moment there aren’t any other options). The steps for loading OPL on a PS3 are:

2. Make a folder in root of USB device called SWAPMAGIC and copy
SMBOOT0.ELF to it.
3. Launch SwapMagic in PS3 and press UP+L1 then Open PS2 Loader should start.

There are 4 forms for launching elfs in SwapMagic.


— OPL Development Team —
(as of right now listed in current stable version 0.9.3)

. and the anonymous .


I have a usb hard drive connected to my windows 8.1 computer. I have selected the drive that has all my ps2 games on it,using usb advance pc software, I have gone through advance sharing and put (everyone) on it as well as (Guest) and allowed full control.I than use Ps2 loader 9.2 to start Ethernet game device, after about 2 minutes the PS2 slim comes back with cannot connect to smb server.I am using Free MCBOOT version 1.8

Posted by Micheal Stevens on Jan 03, 2014

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This site may help you if its right thing http://psx-scene.com/forums/f150/opl-v0-9-yet-another-network-startup-error-300-post-115939/

Thread OPL v0 9 Yet Another Network Startup Error 300.

Hey guys So ve been working for the.

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

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Hi there,
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Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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    We need more clarification then this question offers. It makes about as much sense as my question:

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    Ремонт игровых приставок XBOX и PlayStation в Белгороде

    Новые билды OPL можно скачать на странице разработчика – OPL “Daily” Builds (Releases).

    Программа для консоли Sony Playstation 2, предназначенная для запуска игр и приложений с USB-носителя (флешки или внешнего жесткого диска), внутреннего HDD консоли или по сети с компьютером.

    Да, можно. В последних версиях добавлена поддержка эмулятора POPSstarter. Точнее, отдельное меню для запуска игр. Игры сохраняются на Виртуальную Карту Памяти (не на ту, что создаётся в OPL/OPL Manager для сохранения игр PS2, в POPStarter используется другая VMC). Совместимость с играми не стопроцентная. Всю информацию по эмулятору читайте в теме [PS2][SOFT] POPSstarter – PS1 Emulator For PS2 (эмулятор) [ENG], там же задавайте вопросы по запуску, предварительно изучив инструкцию.

    В 99% случаев подойдет любая флешка или HDD с файловой системой FAT, FAT16 или FAT32 (exFAT не поддерживается), но встречаются случаи несовместимости оборудования с программой.

    Многих интересует вопрос, можно ли запустить OPL, если приставка не читает диски. В PS2 два лазера: один для CD, другой – для DVD дисков. Поэтому, приставка может не читать DVD и, при этом, исправно запускать CD (как и наоборот, но это бывает крайне редко). В этом случае можно запустить OPL. Если же не читаются и CD, и DVD – запустить OPL не удастся.

    Выбираем пункт uLaunchELF. Нажимаем кнопку “круг” ( File Browser ), выбираем mass:// (это флешка). Выбираем OPL и запускаем его нажатием кнопки “круг”.

    Disable Debug Colors (On/Off) – включение/отключение “цветных экранов” перед запуском игры. По умолчанию отключено (Off). Включение этой функции не влияет на скорость запуска игры.
    IGR Path – можно указать путь к приложению, которое будет запускаться, если выходить из игры, используя комбинацию L1+R1+L2+R2+Start+Select (путь не более 32 символов). Например: mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF. Этот же файл запустится, если в главном меню OPL выбрать Exit. Путь не должен содержать пробелов, иначе, при запуске игр, OPL будет зависать перед дебагом (проверено на версии 892 DB all).
    Enable Delete and Rename actions (в последних версиях – Enable write Operations) (On/Off) – включение/отключение возможности переименовать и удалять игры в списке OPL кнопками [O] и [[ ]] соответственно. По умолчанию отключено (Off).
    Remember last played game (On Auto start 0-9/Off) – автоматическая загрузка последней запущенной игры через через время (в секундах), указанное в пункте Auto start. Отменить запуск можно нажатием любой кнопки, кроме [X]. Если значение Auto start установлено на 0, игра будет просто выбрана в списке. По умолчанию отключено (Off). Если игра запускалась с устройства, загрузка которого установлена в режим Manual, эту функцию будет перебивать устройство, которое загружается автоматически.

    Select button (Cross/Circle) – кнопка подтверждения выбора. По умолчанию – Cross.
    Check USB game fragmentation – проверка игр на фрагментацию. Если выбранная игра фрагментирована, программа выдаёт ошибку Error: this game is fragmented и не запускает игру. По умолчанию отключена (Off), категорически рекомендуется изменить этот параметр на (On).
    USB delay – задает задержку в секундах для замедления USB устройств. Иногда это помогает корректно загружать темы, арты и игры с USB. Если OPL зависает на желтом или оранжевом экране, при том, что USB носитель дефрагментирован, попробуйте увеличить это значение. По умолчанию равно 3.
    USB prefix path – см. ETH prefix path .
    ETH prefix path – есть сетевые устройства, которые при расшаривании папки дают не ее корень, а какое-то имя, а потом содержимое. То есть, как бы нашу шару помещают в папку. Например, некоторые NAS не дают расшаривать корень и приходится складывать игры, например, в папку PS2SMB. И когда приходится использовать такое устройство, то вводим префикс PS2SMB. Проще говоря: это путь от корня устройства к нашей папке с играми.
    Automatic HDD spin down – Время простоя (в секундах) до отключения внутреннего HDD консоли (актуально для старых моделей PS2 Fat, для подключения HDD к приставке необходим Network Adapter).
    USB device start mode (Off/Manual/Auto) – режим загрузки списка игр на USB носителе.
    HDD device start mode (Off/Manual/Auto) – режим загрузки списка игр на внутреннем HDD консоли (актуально для старых моделей PS2 Fat, для подключения HDD к приставке необходим Network Adapter).
    ETH device start mode (Off/Manual/Auto) – режим загрузки списка игр с расшаренной папки на компьютере.
    Applications start mode (Off/Manual/Auto) – режим загрузки списка приложений.
    ELF Loader Menu – режим загрузки списка игр для PSOne, которые запускаются через эмулятор POPStarter.

    Default menu (USB, HDD, ETH) – выбор стартового меню, которое будет загружаться при запуске программы. По умолчанию не установлено (загружается Главное меню OPL).

    Theme – выбор темы оформления OPL. В раздачу включены темы для OPL 0.8 и 0.9. Папки с темами, названия которых должны начинаться на “thm_” (без кавычек), должны лежать в папке THM. Папка должна быть названа заглавными буквами и находиться в корне флешки (см. Установка тем, иконок, обложек и бекграундов в OPL -> Установка тем ).
    Language – выбор языка интерфейса OPL. По умолчанию есть только английский язык, для других языков требуется установка дополнительных языковых пакетов. Языковой пакет русского языка включен в раздачу. Для смены языка нужно скопировать файлы font_Russian.ttf и lang_Russian.lng в папку OPL на карте памяти.
    Scrolling (Slow/Medium/Fast) – скорость прокрутки списка игр/приложений.
    Automatic sorting (On/Off) – включение/отключение алфавитной сортировки списка игр/приложений. По умолчанию включена (On).
    Automatic refresh (On/Off) – включение/отключение автоматического обновления списка игр/приложений. По умолчанию отключено (Off).
    Enable Cover Art (On/Off) – включение/отключение поддержки обложек/бекграундов. По умолчанию отключено (Off).
    Display info page (On/Off) – если в OPL установлена тема оформления, по нажатию кнопки “X” будет открываться дополнительное окно с информацией об игре. Данную функцию поддерживают не все темы (см. Установка тем, иконок, обложек и бекграундов в OPL -> Установка тем -> Настройка страницы info page для тем от Jay-Jay ).

    Text color – цвет текста пунктов меню.
    Dialog color – цвет текста опций.
    Selected color – цвет выбранной опции.
    Background color – цвет заднего фона.

    Video mode (Auto/PAL/NTSC) – режим вывода изображения в OPL. По умолчанию Auto.
    V-Sync (On/Off) – ?
    Wide screen (On/Off) – широкоформатный режим 16:9. По умолчанию отключен (Off).

    См. спойлер Настройка ПК и OPL для запуска игр по сети

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