Что такое гранд финал

Что такое гранд финал

Фредди Меркьюри подводит итог своего творчества. И жизни

Как следует из названия, это конец. Но не просто конец, а конец окончательный. В гранд-финале автор(ы) прямо и открыто заявляет(-ют): «Это всё. Продолжения не будет», хотя порой продолжение всё же бывает. В силу очевидных причин, в гранд-финале обычно происходит последняя битва и по возможности закрываются все «белые пятна» и дыры в сюжете.

Иногда автор передумывает и при переиздании убирает гранд-финал с целью написать продолжение (например, так произошло с мангой Gunnm, где имелась концовка, которую затем автор удалил).

Одним из способов создать продолжение после гранд-финала, никак его при этом не разрушая, является спин-офф.

A grand final is a game that decides a sports league’s championship (or premiership) winning team, i.e. the conclusive game of a finals (or play-off) series. Synonymous with a championship game in North American sports, grand finals have become a significant part of Australian culture. The earliest leagues to feature a grand final were in Australian rules football, followed soon after by rugby league. Currently the largest grand finals are in the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL). Their popularity influenced other competitions such as soccer’s A-League, the National Basketball League, Suncorp Super Netball and European rugby league’s Super League to adopt grand finals as well. Most grand finals involve a prestigious award for the player voted best on field.


History [ edit ]

The Anglo-Norman term "grand" to describe a sporting event, documented in England as "grand match" in 1836, [1] was used in Australia from the 1850s. A steeplechase in England has been called the "Grand National Steeple Chase" ("Grand National" alone for short) since at least 1839. [1]

Use of the term in Australian Football dates back to the first organised and w >[2]

In 1859, a "grand football match" was advertised in Richmond, Tasmania for St Patrick’s Day on Fr >[3]

In The Argus of 1861, the Royal Caledonian Society of Melbourne invited clubs to compete in a "grand football-match" which was to be football’s first ever trophy, the Caledonian Challenge Cup, however the match did not proceed until the following year.

The earliest known event described as "grand" in Sydney was a cricket match in 1862. [4]

In the 1871 South Yarra Challenge Cup, Carlton and Melbourne drew their three matches, but also won their remaining matches (against Albert Park and South Yarra). As head-to-head record was the only tiebreaker at that time, the team captains and the Cup organisers arranged a "grand match", as advertised in The Argus to decide the premiership. Carlton won by two goals to nil.

Initially, a football premiership final appeared to be called a "grand final" only when the losers of a final were the minor premiers and they exercised the "right to challenge" the winners to a second premiership dec >[5]

South Australian Football Association [ edit ]

Prior to 1898, the South Australian Football Association (SAFA, now SANFL) was awarded to the team that finished top of the end-of-season ladder placings.

In 1889, Norwood and Port Adela >[6] This was played on October 5, and Norwood won the match 7.4 to 5.9. [7]

In 1894, Norwood and South Adelaide finished with a 13-5 record from their 18 matches. The match was fixed for October 6, and despite a provision for 20 minute periods of extra time in the event of a draw at full time, the match was abandoned due to darkness with the scores level at 4.8 apiece.

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The SAFA fixed a replay for October 10, Labor Day: this was the first of seven grand final replays in elite Australian football history. Norwood won the replay 4.7 to South Adela >[8]

Victorian Football Association [ edit ]

In the Victorian Football Association, which was Victoria’s top level of senior football from 1877 until 1896, the premiership was typically awarded solely on the basis of the rostered premiership matches (known today as the home-and-away season). However, the rules stipulated that where two or more teams finished equal on premiership points, a playoff match or matches would be scheduled amongst those teams to determine the premiers.

This was required in 1896, when South Melbourne and Collingwood finished level on top of the ladder with records of 14 wins and one draw. The playoff match between them, which is retrospectively treated as Victoria’s first Grand Final, was won by Collingwood 6.9 – 5.10. [9]

There was one previous premiership playoff match during this time in the VFA between Melbourne and Geelong in 1878, but this match d >[9]

_Australian_Football_League">Victorian Football League —> Australian Football League [ Australian Football League">edit ]

In 1897, when eight teams broke away from the VFA to form the VFL, the concept of finals football was high on the agenda, with teams buoyed by the success and attendances of the 1896 Grand Final. Over the following ten years, all top-level Australian football leagues adopted a finals structure.

In 1931 the VFL adopted a system, the Page–McIntyre system, which ensured a grand final, and the concept became entrenched.

New South Wales Rugby Football League [ edit ]

The New South Wales Rugby Football League (NSWRFL) experimented with a finals system in 1908, its inaugural year, but abandoned it the following season. Finals were reintroduced in 1926, and the premiership decider appeared to only be called a "grand final" if it involved the minor premiers.

By the 1930s, the NSWRFL adopted the term "grand final" to describe the premiership dec >[10] Up until 1954 a ‘grand final’ match was only held if the minor premiers were beaten. [11] The adoption of the VFL’s Page–McIntyre system for the 1954 NSWRFL season meant for the first time grand finals would become necessary every season, so the term grand final has become used to describe all premiership deciders.

The tradition is maintained by the present-day NRL National Rugby League.

Europe [ edit ]

The term "Grand Final" was introduced to Europe in 1995 [ citation needed ] in a completely different sport—golf. In that year, the Challenge Tour, the official developmental tour for the European Tour, launched its season-ending Challenge Tour Grand Final. British rugby league would adopt the term in 1998, two years after the start of Super League. The Super League Grand Final has now become an accepted part of the British scene, and the term ‘grand final’ is used to describe the final of leagues below Super League as well, such as the Championship, Championship 1 and the Conference. Prior to this, a Championship Final was introduced to determine the winner of the British Rugby Football League Championship in 1904, though it only became a regular fixture from 1906 onwards. In 1973, the competition format was changed so that the championship was won by the team finishing top of the league table, with an end of season knock-out competition for the top teams that became known as the Premiership being created.

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Starting in 2009–10, the rugby union competition historically known as the Celtic League, at the time involving teams from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, introduced a playoff system to determine its champion. (Although the league conducted a knockout competition in its early years, it was a parallel cup competition instead of a championship tournament.) The final match was branded as a grand final. This usage continued for the 2010–11 season, the first that included teams from Italy. Starting with the 2011–12 season, the first under the current sponsored name of RaboDirect Pro12, the "Grand Final" terminology was scrapped; the final match is now simply called the "Final". [12]

List of current notable competitions with grand finals [ edit ]

Sport [ edit ]

League (Region) Sport Event Year first used Record
Super League (Europe) Rugby league Super League Grand Final 1998 73,512
Women’s Super League (Europe) Women’s rugby league Women’s Super League Grand Final 2017
National Rugby League (Australasia) Rugby league NRL Grand Final 1930 (1908 if Minor Premiers were challenged) 107,999
NRL Women’s Premiership (Australasia) Women’s rugby league NRL Women’s Grand Final 2018
Super Rugby Rugby union Super Rugby Grand Final 1996 62,567
Super W Women’s rugby union Super W Grand Final 2018
Australian Football League (Australia) Australian football AFL Grand Final 1990 100,022
AFL Women’s (Australia) Women’s Australian rules football AFL Women’s Grand Final 2017 53,034
National Basketball League (Australasia) Basketball NBL Grand Final 1979 15,064
Women’s National Basketball League (Australia) Women’s basketball WNBL Grand Final 1981
A-League (Australasia) Association football A-League Grand Final 2004 56,371
W-League (Australia) Women’s association football W-League Grand Final 2009 4,591
South Australian National Football League (Australia) Australian football SANFL Grand Final 1889 66,897
Victorian Football League (Australia) Australian football VFL Grand Final 1896 121,696
West Australian Football League (Australia) Australian football WAFL Grand Final 1904 52,781
Celtic League (Europe) Rugby union Magners League Grand Final 2010; term abandoned in 2012 44,558
Suncorp Super Netball (Australia) Netball Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final 2016 8,999
Challenge Tour (Europe) Golf Challenge Tour Grand Final 1995
Australian Ice Hockey League (Australia) Ice hockey AIHL Grand Final 2000
Indian Premier League(India) Cricket IPL Final 2008
Overwatch League Overwatch e-sports Overwatch League Grand Finals 2018

Reality television [ edit ]

A grand final replay is a method of deciding the winner of a competition when a grand final is drawn by replaying the entire match the following week, rather than playing overtime or extra time on the same day. It is commonly used in Australian rules football and most notably in the Australian Football League, where it has been used three times, most recently in 2010, however the AFL decided that replays will no longer decide grand finals that end as a draw, rather replacing it with extra time.

Grand final breakfast [ edit ]

Most sports leagues in Australia have a grand final breakfast to mark the beginning to grand final day. It is a social highlight on the Australian sporting calendar. Watching the event is a ritual for many footy fans and the function plays a huge role in the pre match build up for the grand final. The North Melbourne Football Club host the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast and the National Rugby League host the NRL Grand Final Breakfast at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour normally. Messenger Premier League also have a grand final breakfast.

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Гранд-финал Wargaming.net League состоится 25–26 апреля в Варшаве, и это событие, без сомнения, ждут тысячи болельщиков по всему миру.

Спешим поделиться основной информацией, чтобы вам было удобно следить за турниром.

Трансляция с места событий начнётся 25 апреля в 12:00 по московскому времени. Двери EXPO XXI открываются 25 апреля в 11:00 по местному времени (12:00 по московскому времени). Вход свободный.

Расписание и призовой фонд

Матчи турнира в EXPO XXI будут проходить на главной сцене и в так называемой турнирной зоне. Расписание составлено таким образом, чтобы все команды провели как минимум по одному поединку на главной сцене.


Призовой фонд турнира составляет 300 000 долларов США!

  • I место — 150 000 долларов США.
  • II место — 75 000 долларов США.
  • III место — 35 000 долларов США.
  • IV место — 20 000 долларов США.
  • V–VIII места — по 5000 долларов США.

Освещение событий

Штаб будет вести полноценный репортаж и расскажет вам обо всём, что будет происходить в стенах комплекса и рядом с ним.

Мы покажем вам абсолютно все матчи турнира. Русскоязычная онлайн-трансляция пройдёт на двух каналах. Tafa, Dead_Angel, Vspishka и многие другие уже ждут вас!

Также на главном танковом портале будет проходить живой текстовый репортаж, где можно будет увидеть многое из того, что скрывается за объективами телекамер. Фотографии, обзоры матчей, закулисные эмоции прямо здесь и сейчас!


Все группы Лиги в социальных сетях (смотрите ссылки внизу новости) будут очень активны. Того же самого мы ждём и от всех болельщиков, ведь участников наших акций ждёт беспрецедентное количество призов: разыгрываются 75 танков AMX 13 57 The Grand Finals Edition, 40 легендарных Type 59 и очень, очень много дней премиума.

Зал славы

Одна из главных информационных площадок турнира — уже знакомый многим Зал славы, настоящий «дом Гранд-финала».

Напомним, чем полезен этот проект:

  • Даёт исчерпывающую информацию о командах-участницах Гранд-финала.
  • Предоставляет основную базу, которая поможет вам понять, как будут развиваться события во время турнира.
  • Помогает добраться до места проведения турнира и лучше узнать Варшаву, если вы один из тех счастливчиков, кто собирается посетить турнир лично.

25 апреля Зал славы превратится в площадку для прямой трансляции с места событий и полноценный матч-центр с оперативно обновляющимися результатами матчей.

Если вы собираетесь увидеть турнир вживую, то сайт позволит быть в курсе событий даже в те моменты, когда вы будете находиться не в зале. И, конечно же, Зал славы окажется вдвойне полезен тем, кто будет следить за матчами турнира в интернете.

Напоминаем, что до начала матчей второго дня турнира 26 апреля у вас есть возможность выиграть эксклюзивный премиум танк AMX 13 57 с фирменной символикой Wargaming.net League, угадывая результаты турнира и делясь ими с друзьями в Twitter ! Более подробную информацию вы найдёте на www.TheGrandFinals.com в разделе «Выиграйте танк».

Игровая акция

Ещё один повод болеть за любимые команды — акция «Виват победителям WGL!».

Как известно, RU-регион на Гранд-финале представляют три команды: Na ` Vi , HellRaisers и SC6 . Если хотя бы одна из них победит или войдёт в первую тройку по итогам соревнований, всех игроков RU-региона с 1 мая 9:00 (МСК) и в течение нескольких дней ожидает удвоенный опыт за все победы.

Будьте 25 и 26 апреля вместе с нами и болейте за любимые команды. Обещаем, будет интересно!

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