Как в quake 3 сделать разрешение 1920×1080

Эта статья покажет, как можно настроить широкоэкранный формат Hor + в игре и исправить положение оружия.

Изначально Quake II был разработан для разрешения 4:3. Вот как выглядит поле зрения под углом 90 градусов:

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По умолчанию игра работает как Vert с параметрами широкоформатных разрешений, то есть пространство обрезается сверху и снизу:

Это сверхширокое разрешение экрана 2560х1080.

Обратите внимание, что оружие также обрезано. Даже если вы увеличите формат, то оружие все равно останется прежним.

Лучший способ для игры на большом экране — это горизонтальное расширение в игре, иначе Hor+. Вот как это выглядит (поле зрения fov также под 90):

Обратите внимание, что по высоте точно так же 4:3.

Как сделать широкий экран в Quake 2 RTX?

Первый способ

  • Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши на название игры в разделе «Библиотека Steam» и выберите «Свойства».
  • На вкладке «Общие» нажмите кнопку «Установить параметры запуска …».
  • Enter.
  • И нажмите OK.
  • Закройте меню и запустите игру.

Второй способ

  • Перейдите в папку baseq2.
  • Создайте текстовый файл autoexec.cfg, если он еще не существует.
  • Откройте этот файл в любом текстовом редакторе, например, блокнот.
  • Вставьте

seta cl_adjustfov «1»

  • Сохраните файл и запустите игру.

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Although setting the widescreen resolution for Q3 is relatively easy, you should make it properly to enjoy all the features of it.

Program FilesSteamSteamAppsCommonQuake 3 Arena

Now we set up the widescreen resolution

Find the "seta r_mode" line and set the value to "-1"

Find the "seta r_customwidth" line and set the value.
If you want to play in 1280 × 800 then set it to "1280"
If you want to play in 1920 x 1200 then set it to "1920"
Also you can use any custom value.

Find the "seta r_customheight" line and set the value.
If you want to play in 1280 × 800 then set it to "800"
If you want to play in 1920 x 1200 then set it to "1200"
Also you can use any custom value.

Now you can save the file, exit from the editor and run the game.
It should start in the given widescreen resolution.
But don’t change the resolution from the menu now! Or you will have to manually edit the config file again.

Now we have the custom widescreen resolution but actually this is not good.

Because what we have done just stretched the picture, but the extra pixels are not enabled.

See, this how does it look like now.

But we want that, with the correct field of view setup.
You can see and use the extra pixels. This is the real w >

Now we fix the field of view

Find the "’seta cg_fov" line and set the value to "115"
You may not find this line! In that case simply add to somewhere.

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I just purchased my 1st widescreen monitor, set up quake3 to run in a custom resolution (1920×1080) and noticed that the fov was out of whack. I always used a fov of 110 with a resolution of 1024×768 (4×3 aspect ratio), and realized that by going to 16×9 this was bound to happen, so with a little math I calculated that I should set my new fov to 124.6 to be about equivalent to how I always had my FOV set. I set the fov to 124.6 and thought it was a little off still, so tried setting it a bit higher only to realize it wasnt changing a damn thing. Turns out that any FOV setting over 120 only makes my gun disappear more, the actual field of view stays the same as if it was still on 120.

I was wondering if any of the Q3A community here would be able to help me get past this barrier, as the FOV I need to establish in order to have a smooth transition from 4×3 to 16×9 is unattainable right now. It’s been very frustrating, I’ve looked for potential console commands that might be limiting the maximum FOV to no avail. I’ve played with the same FOV the entire time I’ve played quake 3 arena (almost a decade). I love how good it looks in this resolution and aspect ratio, but its hard to relearn a new FOV, even if it is only a little bit off from my target. I didn’t think there was a maximum FOV imposed in Q3A, and if so definitely not 120.

Any ideas? Like I said, increasing the FOV over 120 only has one effect, and that is making the equipped weapon drop further out of view until it is invisible.

FOV 120

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