View scenery в чем разница

Какая разница между словами, обозначающими виды природы или местности: landscape, scenery, countryside?

Слово landscape описывает область или район, отличающийся видимыми свойствами, которые могут восприниматься эстетически, например: a rural landscape / деревенский пейзаж; a mountain landscape / горный пейзаж; a bleak urban landscape / мрачный городской ландшафт.

Слово scenery характеризует природные особенности пейзажа с точки зрения их живописности (горы, реки, озера, поля и деревья): "Look at the beautiful scenery! / Взгляните, какой красивый пейзаж!", "Tourists flock there most of the year to savour its picturesque position among magnificent scenery / Туристы стекаются туда большую часть года, чтобы насладиться его видом посреди великолепной природы".

Слово countryside (или country) обозначает местность за пределами города: "I’d rather live in the country(side) than in a city! / Я бы предпочел жить в сельской местности, а не в городе!"

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The view is what you get from one specific location. If you change locations, even staying in the same area, you will change your view. Scenery is everything that you will see in a particular area (generally in reference to nature).

For example, if you visit the grand canyon, what you see looking out of your hotel room is the view and what you will see while there (the whole canyon) is the scenery.

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In some ways these nouns are synonyms, in that they all represent something that is seen by the eye.

A view is something that is seen from a particular position . For example the view of the ocean from the top of the building was magnificent.

Scene is more variable in its uses. It refers to something that is seen with more detail accompnying it. It is also used in dramatic plays to refer to a particular part of the story.

Scenery is a lot closer to view in its meaning. It refers to more detailed views. The scenery in the gardens was spectacular.

Sight is a very general term for something seen a.

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